Seattle Ignited
Women Project

To be an Ignited woman is to show up with a spark and leave with a flame. Seattle Ignited Women Project is an event dedicated to redefining what success and strength mean as a woman. We are a community dedicated to supporting individuals in their unique stories of strength and success and to empowering the collective. This is an empowering and inspiring opportunity to hear from nationally recognized leaders in their field. Redefine success and gain a new perspective on the many ways to be a strong female.

Empowerment, Strength, Success, Autonomy, Opinion, Voice

These things matter, and how we support one another to find them, use them, and own them, MATTERS. It’s what unites us as Ignited Women and those who support Ignited Women.

Because it only takes a single spark to ignite a flame.

Here are the Seattle Ignited Women Pillars:

Our stories are unique and important.
In sharing our stories, we find that we are all more alike than we are different.

Leadership is showing up in your fullness.
We must have the energy and bandwidth to show up all the way and lead. Do not shy away from who you are in an attempt to “fit in” or play small for the comfort of others. It only only prevents us from leading. Show ALL the way up, with your quirks, individuality, experiences, creativity, and aspirations.

Strength and Success take all different shapes and forms.
Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual…just to name a few. All these aspects of our lives are ever changing. We are fluid beings that are learning and evolving in many aspects of our lives.

Support individuals to enhance the collective.
There is enough for everyone. We have an abundance mindset that there plenty of success, wealth, beauty, fortune, or whatever it is you seek. And because there is enough for everyone, there is no need to step on, step over, undermine, or undercut others. Because we are stronger together.